Building Community Engagement in Data Citation and Open Access to Data: A Sloan-ICPSR Project

The Building Community Engagement project, sponsored by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, is designed to promote practices that increase confidence in science: open access to research data, greater transparency in the production of data, and closer links between publications and the data on which they are based. Another goal is to explore ways to ensure long-term sustainability of repositories providing open access to data.

The project will support a series of three meetings, link to Meetings page with important stakeholder groups.

  1. A meeting of social science journal editors to establish clear and consistent citation of data in social science journals as a model for other disciplines
  2. A meeting of representatives from domain repositories to developing common standards for digital repositories in a wide range of scientific domains and propose ways that funding agencies can support data archiving activities
  3. A meeting of funders and repository representatives to explore and develop models for long-term sustainability of institutions that promote open access to scientific data

The workshops are complemented by a small grants program and exploratory research on non-disclosure agreements, a growing threat to open access to data.

News & Announcements

December 11, 2013 Sustaining Domain Repositories for Digital Data: A White Paper

September 16, 2013 Scientific Data Repositories Issue Call for Change on Funding Models for Data Archives