Building Community Engagement in Data Citation and Open Access to Data: A Sloan-ICPSR Project

The Building Community Engagement project, sponsored by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, is designed to promote practices that increase confidence in science: open access to research data, greater transparency in the production of data, and closer links between publications and the data on which they are based. Another goal is to explore ways to ensure long-term sustainability of repositories providing open access to data. The project has supported two meetings.

Meeting 1: Data Citation and Research Transparency in the Social Sciences

On June 13-14, 2013, a cross-disciplinary group of journal editors and other stakeholders in academic publishing gathered to address the value and practice of research transparency, with a particular focus on the role of academic journals in promoting data access and consistent data citation practices. Participants represented journals and societies from a number of social science domains, including economics, education, political science, demography, psychology, and sociology.

The outcome of the meeting was a Call to Action, which the community is endorsing:

Research Transparency, Data Access, and Data Citation: A Call to Action for Scholarly Publications


Meeting 2: Sustaining Domain Repositories

For this meeting, representatives from 22 data repositories spanning the social and physical sciences met to discuss the challenges facing repositories across domains, and to strategize around issues of sustainability. This meeting was conducted in the context of a global increase in activity related to research transparency, open access data, and data sharing. Repositories shared their views on the important role that repositories play in the research infrastructure, and ways to create sustainable business models.

Meeting participants developed a Call for Change, which has been endorsed by numerous domain repositories, and a white paper:

Sustaining Domain Repositories for Digital Data: A Call for Change from an Interdisciplinary Working Group of Domain Repositories
Sustaining Domain Repositories for Digital Data: A White Paper

News & Announcements

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